Settlement for Users Affected by Stockx Data Breach

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Stockx servers were breached where about 6.8 million users data including names, email addresses, passwords, home address, and much more has been compromised. Hackers have been selling private customer information on the dark web. Hackers now have access to many users data and have affected many people lives. A company which we trusted for awhile has known this issue for a while and failed to address the public in time to change account info. They claimed they were having "system updates" which made customers change the password when they were aware that a hacker has compromised millions of account info. A report by Techcrunch has proven that hackers have had full control of stockx accounts.

Many users of Stockx have recently been having unauthorized activity on their stockx accounts. Users have been seeing purchases which they haven't approved going through their account. With the information that hackers have compromised has been spread all over the dark web and now many people have access to customers data. Privacy is big issue and seeing a large corporation such as stockx not being able to safeguard customers information is terrifying. 

I am creating this petition to spread awareness for users which have been affected by this data breach and request for compensation for the improper storage of user information which leads to millions of peoples private information being compromised.