Get a racist student expelled

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This racist student by the name of SI, posted this extremely racist image where she appears to have black face and is holding up a sign that says, “I’m a n*****.” Stockton University is a University with mostly white students and the few students of color and black students don’t feel like they have a safe space on campus nor does Stockton make any accommodations for them, and them giving someone like S “Academic probation” and allowing her to continue her education at Stockton is harmful and offensive to the black students on campus. Are these really the type of students you want representing your university? Things need to change and Stockton needs to properly deal with these students. In light of everything going on in this country not just for the past few months but the past few hundreds of years, you would think Stockton would take this issue more seriously. Sign this petition to have S expelled so the white students at Stockton can learn that this behavior is unacceptable.