Disgusting Private Cemetery Law

Disgusting Private Cemetery Law

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Started by Gemma Firth


Today Has Really Touched Me Seeing The Heart Break This Ridiculous Heartless Law In Place, Where People’s  Loved Ones Have To Have a Gloomy, Dull, Empty, Sad, Unloved & Cared For Resting Place & Police Have Physically Made People Strip There Resting Place Bare Or It Will Be Thrown Away… Absolutely Disgusting.

Should Be Filled With Colour, Lights, Charms Blowing In Wind, Should Look Loved & Cared For Like There Still With Us Not Gone & Forgotten. People Should Smile At Other People’s Places As They Can See How Special That Person Means To People.
Cemetery’s Are Heartbreaking & Sad To Go Too In The 1st Place, Why Would Anyone Want Them Looking Even More Colourless & Sad Is Beyond Me.

This Law Needs Scrapping. People Pay For Their Loved Ones To Be There But Cant Care For The Spot. What Type Of World Do We Actually Live In. 
Weather You Have a Personal Connection Yo This Cemetery Or Not Your Help & Shares To Try Knock This Cold Heartless Pointless Law On The Head Will Be Hugely Appreciated ��

2,019 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!