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“Stick It” ~ "Save the Salmon Gum Campaign"

Every road in Western Australia is under threat, from The McGowan Governments ‘Main Roads’, roadside, clear-fell bulldozer policy.

Strip clearing of all roadside vegetation is a ridiculous act of ugly vandalism.

The more trees on the verge, the safer the roads are, because your awareness does not distract, wandering off to the dangerous horizen Line.

In the Wheatbelt here, the policy means a 'bare earth policy' from fence line to fence line, as the farmers can not afford to plant trees on their cropping land.
This ludicrous, clearing policy, means that our stunningly beautiful old growth trees, are massacred, to create an increasingly barren, unproductive, Dryland Desert.

I have contacted all the relevant Ministers (of the previous government), Shires and Main Roads, Yet nobody wishes to listen to truth.

“Stick It “ Youtube link ~

As Rodger Underwood says :                                                                                     "Western Australia lacks an emblem tree, like our 'kangaroo paw', flower emblem, surely our majestic cathedral, Salmon Gum Tree, deserves this reverence."              

As Zelysia Rutherford says :
"Aren’t we trying to reconnect the fragments of our destruction
rather than do away with the evidence?"