Make Spirit Halloween remove the "Turban" costume

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My name is Nirban Singh and I'm calling out Spirit Halloween and the CEO of Spencer's Gifts, a corporation that acquired Spirit Halloween. A couple days ago, I was browsing the web and ran across something on Spirit Halloween's website. For a second, I couldn't believe my eyes. What I saw was a man with a white cloth (turban) wrapped around his head and a long beard. Along with this costume, there are accessories such as a gun and ammunition belt. Any person's first impression of the man is Osama Bin Laden, a well-known deceased terrorist in fact the turban is referred to as a "taliban turban" in the comments. This man also reminded me of some Sikh men I know with a similar identity: turban and a long white beard. I myself am a Sikh and this product straight out promotes racism and racial hatred. Not only does this equate terrorists to Sikhs, but it is also disrespectful to Sikhs since turbans are important articles of faith for us. Although the turban may be slightly different to one of a Sikh, this is absolutely terrible. Just recently, an innocent Sikh man in Chicago was beaten due to his identity. He was simply going to the grocery store. Unfortunately, he received racial slurs referring to Osama Bin Laden and suffered many fractures and lacerations. Also, in Oak Creek a few years ago, a man walked into a Sikh temple opening fire on innocent worshippers due to the same reason except 7 people died and several were injured. If you recall, this event received national attention. This product not only makes this identity crisis worse for Sikhs, but it spreads the wrong message. I am urging Spirit Halloween to take this costume/accessories down from their website. I need your support to stop this and provide awareness to others.

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