More bees in Elmhurst

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Honeybees can provide a great benefit to our community, so let's make them available to all of our citizens. 

The current Elmhurst municipal code restricts keeping bees to colleges and high schools.  We would like to remove that restriction, allowing all Elmhurst citizens to keep bees.

Some of the benefits bees provide include:

  • Pollination.  Bees can forage up to two miles, helping to pollinate plants for an entire neighborhood.  Pollinated plants can produce more fruit and flowers.
  • Honey.  Not only does it taste great, but it provides many other health benefits.
  • Less stings.  This may seem counter-intuitive at first, but honey bees are very docile and unlikely to sting.  They also compete for food with other stinging insects like wasps and hornets, who are generally much more aggressive (and can sting multiple times).  So more bees means less wasps and hornets.
  • Educational and fun.  Beekeeping is an excellent hobby, and is a great way to learn about nature.  High school and college students shouldn't be the only people who can benefit from this.

This would also be a great way for Elmhurst to help our larger environment.  The USDA estimates that a third of our agricultural products depend on pollinators.  Due to pesticide use and other environmental changes, bee populations have been declining, which in turn threatens our agricultural sustainability.  We can help restore the bee population.

Please show your support for opening up beekeeping to everyone in Elmhurst.

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