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Create a Series of Live-Action Eighth Doctor Adventures

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For 17 years, we only had the TV Movie to satisfy our appetite for a Live-Action Eighth Doctor. On the 14th November 2013, we were granted the minisode, the "Night of the Doctor". Although we do possess a vast number of Big Finish Audio-Dramas and books, it would be a shame to never see McGann as the Time Lord on-screen again. Therefore, I have created this petition in order to drum up interest and support in order to pressure both Moffat and McGann into making a live-action series, featuring the Eighth Doctor. It would be a shame for such a fantastic actor and Doctor to be once again confined to the past yet again. Even a web series would suffice! 
This will probably never happen, but you never know unless you try!

Quick Update: It appears than none other than the 8th Doctor himself, Paul McGann, is one of the thousands of signatories. If the 8th Doctor's up for it, and all of you thousands of brilliant fans are up for it, then why can't this become a reality?


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