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Stop the incessant culling of animals. The Noisy Miner is the latest victim

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In Australia, we have abundant bird varieties, from top predators like the Wedgetailed Eagle to the Splendid Fairy Wren. Indeed our wildlife is abundant. But in saying this they also suffer many hazards from 1080 poisoning, feral predators and culling. The Koala has recently been added to the endangered species list, one of more than 40 different animals. Whilst this petition serves to protect a native bird that is not seen to be anywhere near endangered, the Governments lust for culling animals here in particular native animals such as Kangaroos, Koalas has got to stop. There are many reasons for this particular cull, though the one that sticks out the most is because apparently this bird becomes aggressive when breeding! Indeed like any being in this world, it's main aim is to ensure its young are safe and fed. I ask you to look in your heart and ask yourself what is wrong with this? We would do anything to save our children, how can we possibly deny that for anyone? Each being on this planet has a purpose. In the area I live, Noisy Miners are plentiful. But that doesn't mean they don't have their predators. I've seen Hawks take off with them. Also Kookaburras will grab chicks from their nests. The Noisy Miner will alert other birds when there is danger, from Eagles, to cats and even snakes. All birds in the area recognise the warning call and immediately react to it. The reasons given for this particular cull just don't warrant such a reaction. It's cold hearted and seems to be the first reaction in Australia these days. I love all species, and am particularly passionate about birds. This cull would not only be devastating for me and other bird lovers, but many other birds that rely on the Noisy Miner for warning calls. Join me in petitioning Steven Miles, Queensland Minister for Environment, Heritage Protection, National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef. Let's show him that humans were not placed on this earth to control what Mother Nature has been doing since the beginning of time.

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