Save the Great Barrier Reef from industrial-scale experiments

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Save the Great Barrier Reef from industrial-scale experiments

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Should people who don’t properly understand the Great Barrier Reef be allowed to interfere with it on a massive scale?

Sign this petition to stop industrial-scale experimentation on the reef!  Say no to electric currents!  Say no to giant plastic shade cloths!  Say no to genetically engineered “Frankencoral”!  Say no to cold-water pumping!

James Cook University’s “ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies” (JCU-ARCCECRS) and the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC) have bombarded us with stories of impending reef death for years.  They are motivated to do so because their livelihoods depend on them finding the next scary story.

None of their prophecies of doom have come true and it is fairly clear that they don’t have a full and meaningful understanding of their subject.

Revelations from scientists elsewhere (such as coral’s kissing behaviour, the healthy coral reef under the Amazon mud-plume and the effects of oxybenzone from sunscreen) always come as a surprise to JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC.

JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC love to link coral bleaching to the carbon dioxide emissions from humans burning coal – but they have never provided empirical evidence to support their “belief”.

On March 22, 2017, they said they want to pump cold water from the depths into the naturally warm coral reef environment.

They must be stopped because they can’t be trusted to get it right.  It is highly possible they will do more harm than good.

JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC don’t seem to look for other sources of heat that may have warmed the waters of the Coral Sea other than the alleged CO2 greenhouse effect. 

JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC don’t discuss the influence of the recent El Nino event on Coral Sea water temperatures – El Nino is an entirely natural cycle with no connection to humans burning fossil fuels.

The bleached areas of the GBR are bathed by the South Equatorial Current, which is heated by sea-floor volcanicity in the Vanuatu-Solomons region - where some of the world’s most active and spectacular volcanoes are found.  But JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC don’t monitor heat from that source.

The Vanuatu-Solomons volcanic zone has many sea-floor hydrothermal vents that release sulphur compounds that are toxic to the microorganisms that are the basis of the reef’s food chain; but JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC don’t monitor those compounds’ effects on coral.

Oxybenzone, an ingredient in many sunscreens worn by reef researchers and tourists alike, is highly toxic to coral, even in minute quantities.  But JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC don’t study that either.

Coral is the ultimate survivor from the past 400 million years of ever-changing climate and multiple mass-extinction events, but JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC don’t explain why it should suddenly be hyper-sensitive to minor water temperature changes.

The ability of coral to expel and replace symbionts is an evolutionary superpower that other species can only dream of, but JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC never discuss that.

JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC don’t mention that coral can live in waters much hotter than ours, such as the Middle-East, and much colder as well, like New Zealand. 

JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC don’t explain how coral seems to be OK in blazing hot sun at low tide, either in shallow, easily-heated pools or exposed to the air.  Nor how the same species will grow in slightly deeper water where it’s colder.

JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC are always punishing farmers over terrestrial sediments but they were as surprised as anybody when it was discovered there was a healthy coral reef living happily under the permanent mud-plume of the Amazon River.

JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC have taken to flying over the reef to determine the extent of coral “mortality” – but they should know that when coral expels it’s symbionts it’s flesh becomes transparent  and only a close examination will determine whether it is alive or dead.

JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC can’t explain how the man-made carbon dioxide molecules reflecting infrared radiation back down to the sea are able to heat the molecule-thick surface layer of the water without evaporation immediately re-releasing that heat energy to the air.  They seem unaware that infrared radiation cannot penetrate water.

JCU-ARCCECRS and RRRC promote scandalously weak claims as if they were somehow supported by empirical evidence and were to be accepted as fact – to the extent that they want $9 million taxpayer dollars to pump cold water onto the reef.

Steven Miles, please pour cold water on these scientists.  We say "no" to industrial-scale interference with our Reef!  

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