Save Months Old Bull Cow Escaped From Auction

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Please help us get Freely of Greely into a safe sanctuary!

On Thursday August 29, 2019 at around 3:00 p.m. a “stocker” bull jumped a 7 foot fence to gain his rightful freedom after being sold at Ottawa Livestock Exchange (aka Leo’s Livestock) in Greely, Ontario, outside of Ottawa, Ontario.

Freely” was seen shortly after in a neighbourhood close to the auction, and later further down the road.  Since last night there have been no further sightings.

Despite attempts by multiple Ottawa Farmed Animal Save members, and members of the public, to secure his safety and release to a sanctuary we have been told repeatedly by workers at Ottawa Livestock Exchange that he will not be released to a sanctuary. In fact we believe based on discussions supporters have shared with us that they would prefer he be shot by police!

Rather if they find him and capture him he will be sent where he was originally intended I.e a feedlot.  For background, stocker bulls are 4-6 months old, and are sold to feedlots at that age to be fattened up for later sale at ~18 months for slaughter.  We don’t want that for Freely!

Also, if he is found by Ottawa Police Services it is likely he will likely be shot for potential endangerment to the public.  We don’t want anyone hurt, people or Freely.  

That’s why we are asking Ottawa Police Services to be PROACTIVE and engage knowledgeable people to secure Freely and get him to a loving nearby Farmed Animal Sanctuary that is waiting for him.

✨We have two experienced cattle handlers ready to come to Ottawa and help secure Freely and transport him to the Sanctuary!  Please help us make this a reality!✨ 

Freely courageously ran for his life yesterday and out of respect for his bravery and compelling will to live, he should be granted freedom.

Please sign and share this petition to guarantee Freely’s freedom!