Pardon Terry Rogaczewski!

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Terry Rogaczewski is a victim of police violence, corruption and wrongful incarceration.  A compassionate man with a heart of gold, Terry spent the majority of his working life saving marine animals, wild life, and people. He has an impressive an extensive work history as a lifeguard, EMT/ paramedic, and National Park Ranger with extensive law enforcement training.

On the night of November 3, 2012, Terry was getting ready to sleep as he was starting his new job as a law enforcement officer with Nellis Air Force Base. Due to a spider bite on his toe, he took an allergy pill and also a prescribed sleep medication called Ambien. During that time the controversy of Ambien wasn’t well known, but Ambien has a long history of horrific side effects, especially when taken with other medications including sleepwalking, respiratory arrest, and even death.

Shortly after taking Ambien, Terry went to sleep. The next thing he knew, it was 3 days later and he was chained to a hospital bed, had severe body pain, and the medical staff was labeling him a “cop killer.” When Terry fell asleep, he suffered the side effect known as “The Ambien Zombie.” This happens when Ambien interacts with certain medications. When this side effect kicks in, one is known to sleepwalk and begin doing what they feel they must do. Naturally, Terry slept walked out of his apartment, armed with his service weapon, and began checking cars into his apartment complex, just as he would guard the gate at Nellis Air Force Base. One driver ignored him and drove by. A second driver, who was a known criminal, freaked out, exited his vehicle and jumped over a fence. In response, sleepwalking Terry drew his weapon and emptied his clip into the front of the vehicle. No one was hurt.

At a bar closeby 2 LVMPD plainclothed officers, Ricky Snodgrass, Jr., and David Denton heard the shots and went outside to see what was going on. Upon apprehending Terry, one of the officers tripped on himself causing his weapon to discharge. The other officer began shooting at Terry, believing that Terry was in fact shooting at them and both officer shot a total of 21 rounds at Terry. 3 bullets hit him.

The officers lied about what happened, claiming that Terry shot at them first, and Terry sat in jail for nearly 5 years due to multiple falsified felony charges. As a gay man, Terry had to be really careful to not disclose his sexual orientation as correctional officers and prison culture are known to be discriminatory towards homosexuals.  As of 2016 Terry has been released but is now a felon which bars him from many employment opportunities.  

Since that November night in 2012 Terry's life has been turned upside down.  Only through the support of loyal friends and family has Terry been able to remain afloat as being a felon limits his ability to find work.  

To support Terry, we are asking people to please sign the petition requesting his full pardon from Governor Steve Sisolak and Attorney General Aaron Ford.  No one should have to suffer the consequences of bad policing, and big bad pharma.  Terry has stated that if he receives a full pardon he looks forward to returning to the lifestyle he knows and loves the most:  helping and saving animals and people.  

Thank you for your time and attention - please sign the petition and SHARE!!!