M&S – Ditch Plastic Cutlery!

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My name is Oscar, I’m 15 years old and I’m passionate about saving our environment from plastic waste which is destroying our marine life. We must reduce our plastic footprint - this is why I want Marks and Spencers to stop handing out plastic cutlery and switch to compostable alternatives.

When I’m not at school, I’m an environmental blogger and I have social media accounts ( on Instagram and @justice4earth on Twitter) dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues. This petition is about helping to bring about a small but important change.

Plastic often ends up in the countryside, in waterways and eventually in the ocean where it can go on to be ingested by marine animals and fish or break down into tiny pieces small enough to enter our bodies and even our bloodstreams! Plastic cutlery is one of the top 10 items that washes up on beaches, and every minute over a lorry-full of plastic enters the ocean, or 10 million tonnes a year.

2018 has seen a plastic revolution in the UK with huge victories, promises by massive companies and even a proposed ban on plastic straws. However, we still have lots to do and the fight is far from over. We need to replicate these successes with plastic cutlery and other plastics. M&S has an opportunity to set an example to other supermarkets as a eco-friendly leader. They should switch their plastic cutlery and the wrapper they come in to compostable alternatives like agar, yucca or starch extract. It is not enough to make the cutlery recyclable - we need to reduce our use of plastic not just make it recyclable.

The more people that sign this, the more likely we are to succeed. M&S will be forced to take action when they see how many of us – their daily shoppers which they depend on – want change now and they won’t want to risk ruining their reputation.

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