Save the National Scout and Guide Symphony Orchestra (NSGSO)

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Scouting is all about giving people those life changing experiences and NSGSO is certainly one of them. It has changed hundreds of people’s lives, not just giving them the confidence to stand up and perform but also making many long term friends who come back year after year. Today I received an e-mail which had also been sent to 45 other people, (enough for an average sized orchestra), which was from the scout association at Gilwell Park informing me that NSGSO had been cancelled with no real explanation "Due to low applicant numbers, and a variety of other circumstances, we have taken the decision to cancel the 2015 NSGSO event and review UK Scouting Headquarters supported creative activities events." The closing date for applications isn't until the 17th December 2014 and I can assure you that there are still more people to apply, so the reasoning behind the cancelation is mysterious and unexplained. Also the NSGSO website which was regularly up to a year out of date has been shut down and the information moved to with no advertisement.

Speaking of advertisement, very little is done to promote the event. Most of us have heard about it from being in contact with older NSGSO members. Attendees at the concerts tend to be mostly parents, due to the lack of advertising (most concerts are advertised by the use of a poster or two).

One of the main things that I have taken from NSGSO during the 5 years that I've been a member, besides the music, is the inclusion and the strength of the community that it has developed. Whether you're a leader or a scout/guide friendships are built throughout the entire orchestra, making the transitions between the sections in scouting and guiding easier. All members of the orchestra, across sections and scouting and guiding need no encouragement to bond and gel as a team. This sense of inclusion has helped many individuals who have admitted to having issues with confidence, social skills and SEN, including speech impediments and learning difficulties. Friendship is at the heart of the orchestra and life-long links between counties and even countries demonstrates the NSGSO's ability to allow friendships to thrive and promote year-round communication across the country.

NSGSO gives a professional environment for music as well, there are several highly skilled professional tutors and an amazing conductor every year as well as a varied and interesting repertoire that people may not get from their local musical education hubs and schools.

The purpose of the petition is to save NSGSO and keep it going and to show that there are still many of supporters of it, because what's happening now is that you're not just shutting down an orchestra, you're shutting down a community that has helped people in more ways than you can imagine. Please help us keep this amazing experience going in order for it to help even more people.

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