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Make the City of Athens, Ohio close High Street and Palmer Street

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Petition to the City of Athens, Ohio


We, the citizens of Athens, Ohio are petitioning the city to make the well-known spring block parties of High Street and Palmer Street safer for all parties involved. We are petitioning to close South High Street, on March 19th, 2016 from the hours of 10am-7pm and Palmer Street on April 9th, 2016 from 10am-7pm, and allow the open consumption of alcohol during the designated hours of the block party. The new rules of the block parties would promote the general welfare of the community for the following reasons:

·      Safer Pedestrians and Drivers: Closing the streets makes the people attending the block party, as well as the drivers of the Athens community, much safer. It is well known that block parties involve many pedestrians frequently crossing the street during regular hours of traffic flow, endangering both pedestrians as well as drivers.

·      Limit Overcrowding in Dangerous Areas: Since consumption of alcohol has been limited to private residencies in the past, there have been numerous instances of overcrowding in high-risk areas. These high-risk areas include, but are not limited to; balconies, porches, and edges of yards with steep drop-offs to the sidewalk on South High Street. The overcrowding inside of houses also poses a serious fire hazard, by allowing open consumption on the closed streets; these overcrowding risks will be significantly reduced.

·      EMS Access: In the unfortunate event that emergency services are needed, a closed road will allow easier access for emergency vehicles as pedestrians shall vacate the road, without the worry of traffic.

·      Facilitate Relationships Between The Civilians and Police: In years past, many students and civilians have walked away from the springtime block parties feeling like it was a constant “us versus them” battle between the block party and the police.  This petition is a good first step to improving the relations between the community neighborhoods who host the block parties and the police who monitor them.

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