Fire Pasadena Police Chief John Perez

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Chief John Perez is obstructing justice in the murder of Anthony McClain. Anthony was murdered August 15, 2020.

After promising to release unedited footage to the family, Chief Perez instead released an edited version of the body cam and surveillance cameras. One officer involved in the Anthony McClain shooting did not turn on his body cam. The second officer covered up his body camera with his hand, as soon as his partner started shooting. Chief Perez refuses to release the  names of the officers involved in the shooting. The footage he released blurs the officers face. Perez has continuously lied to the public. He has refused to hold these cops accountable. He has refused to be transparent.

The footage that was released does not include the time room when Anthony McClain was shot to the time he´s on the ground. This is a very concerning gap . Especially since he stated he would release an unedited version. Chief Perez stated that their was a gun in the footage. The footage that has been released thus far show no gun. Chief Perez is harboring fugitives. He is complicit in the murder of Anthony McClain. 

The same night Chief Perez sent police additional police into a grieving community to taser, pepper spray children as well as adults. Chief Perez is incompetent. He refuses to take accountability, he need to be stopped.