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Stand With (M.E) Mary Harvey & Essie Berry 1 MILLION WOMEN Movement, Against Steve Harvey

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 The corruption and collusion from Steve Harvey Lawyers,Judges police and justice departments. 

It concerns continued wrongdoing in the state of Texas in the treatment of Mary Vaughn, aka Mary Lee Harvey, in her divorce from the entertainer Broderick Steve Harvey, also known as Steve Harvey, and further legal matters. 

Mary and Steve were married for nine years when they split in 2005. 

Mary says after that time she was coerced into signing documents she had not properly reviewed and her signature was forged on other documents pertaining to the divorce, and that she has never seen the divorce papers herself. 

Here is a brief timeline detailing significant events which are backed up with court papers and official documents.

Oct 2005 - Mary Harvey being placed under emotional duress.
Nov 2005 - Steve Harvey files for divorce. Both parties are represented by the family lawyer, Rickey Anderson, presenting a clear conflict of interest. Mary maintains Rickey and Steve colluded to take everything from her.
2007 - Mary hires a new lawyer to help fight her side of the divorce, but he does not see things through to a judgement. 
2008 - Mary’s son with Steve, Wynton, misses a weekly visit with his mother and the next time she sees him judgement. 
2008 - Mary’s son with Steve, Wynton, misses a weekly visit with his mother and the next time she sees him he is still badly bruised. Mary takes him to the hospital they call the police, but the case is never investigated by CPS in Georgia or Texas.  
2008 - Mary takes out a protective order for Wynton using Durell Padgitt as her lawyer, but Steve apparently buys him off
2009 - Steve Harvey’s lawyer, Bobbie Edmond, writes a black mail letter trying to force Mary to settle the divorce. The letter is signed by Judge Robert Dry.                                                                                                                                                                                                
2011 - Mary attempts to view records pertaining to her at the county court but is disallowed by the clerks
2011 - Mary Harvey is arrested for non- payment of child support, despite not being ordered to pay child support. However, Judge Dry claims Mary is arrested for violating a gag order, served the same day as the arrest. Details of this are unclear as per court documents, but no record of an order against Mary exist at various courthouses in Texas. Mary says she has never seen or been served with a gag order. 
December 2013 - Mary arrested for contempt of court
January 2014 - Mary released from jail and told if she violates her gag order, which she has never seen, she will be sentenced to 28 years in prison.
March 2017 - Civl Rights Activist Essie Berry discover,signature forgery  collusion, blackmail, Bribes to Judges, Extortion, Embezzlement, Identity theft, misrepresentation by council, perjury, contempt court, violation of division of assets, false imprisonment,  Kidnaping Wynton as a minor in Texas,found in cases relating to Mary. Steve Harvey and all parties involved with the Plot and Collusion against Mary Harvey need to be held accountable.

Civil Rights Activist Essie Berry Join the Movement  (M.E ) Mary & Essie ( 706-325-0928

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