Steve Dale: please accept the offer for Bury Football Club

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Bury FC are days away from being kicked out of the Football League due to our owner, Steve Dale, being unable to provide the information being requested by the EFL for "how he plans to meet the Club’s commitments to football creditors, payment to unsecured creditors as part of the Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), and source and sufficiency of funding for season 2019/20".

This is a long-running saga, and the staff of Bury Football Club have taken the unprecedented step of making a statement without the Chairman's knowledge informing fans that "a very good offer" has come in for the club, and for Steve Dale to accept it and walk away. 

We stand with the staff and their bravery in making this statement, and we ask Steve Dale to sell Bury FC to ensure that our community still has a football club in the months and years to come.