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Stop Random Fireworks

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Dear Mayor and City Council,
The 4th of July related fireworks in the residential neighborhoods, kept many people and pets up for 5 to 10 nights in a row. We have had random fireworks going off for a month now. Many of the fireworks were the illegal mortars that shake windows, start fires, trigger PTSD, and terrify pets. We noticed the police force and fire departments were swamped with calls regarding fireworks on July 4th and could not effectively enforce the current code. We understand that there is some confusion on the part of citizens making the calls on what is illegal and what is legal.

In order to reduce the call load and improve the livability of this city, we are asking the city council to consider changing Hillsboro code to only allow fireworks over a __(to be determined by city council) __ decibel to be allowed on the 4th of July between the hours of 8 pm and 11:59 pm by private citizens and to create a public education program to get the information on the new ban out to the public and to encourage safe use of fireworks. Professional displays of fireworks could still be done by permit on other days with public notification.

We would like to encourage the city council and citizens to reach out to local businesses with large parking lots to provide a safer place for the larger fireworks to be set off instead of in residential area, thus congregating these fireworks for more effective monitoring by the fire department. This could be a great way to help build our community during this holiday and reduce the sounds in residential areas thus helping pets and citizens who work the next day or have PTSD.

This will help reduce tempers around the 4th of July by allowing citizens who do not enjoy fireworks or have pets that are terrified by fireworks to find refugee inside their homes or elsewhere during the fireworks which is not currently possible due to the number of days fireworks are going off. It would also still allow those wishing to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks the opportunity to do so and continue to support many local youth fundraising efforts.


Rebekah Hudson

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