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Shut down Busy Hands Drop In daycare so no more children will be hurt!

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 I am writing you this letter in hopes to shut down busy hands drop in childcare. With do you ultimate goal of putting an end to unlicensed facilities and uncertified staff. Parents of Eliana, Pasha and Tracy Blinov took Eliana to Busy Hands on 3/31/17. Within 2hrs after dropping off Eliana they were told she had been bitten by another child but didnt inform them she had been bitten on both sides of her face approximately 8-10times total so they picked her up 3hrs after the call to find out just how bad the bite (as BH calls it) was. On 4/1/17 Tracy the mother of Eliana said "reports have been filed with DCFS and MPD. We spoke with the owner of busy hands today as well as reviewed video footage of what happened and hear what staff wrote in their incident reports. The footage showed the 2 yr old toddler appeared to have attacked Eliana biting her for about 1min 29sec before staff intervened. There is no audio but you can see Eliana's legs kicking and flailing in obvious distress. One staff was out of view in another part of the building. The closest staff member was on their phone supposedly clocking in via phone app and it's not until she finished, that she actually walked over to pull the child off my daughter and address her distressed cries." Mind you there are 14 children there and 2 staff now that the person is done "clocking in". So that means there were 14 children and one staff up until this incident. They're only allowed 10 per one staff which is outrageous to begin with. Licensed daycares are required one staff per 3 children yet unlicensed is more than triple that. How does that make any sense at all, it doesn't and needs to change! 

Emily Burton "I have picked up my child from busy hands on several accounts with bruises scratches etc with no answers as to why. After seeing this, never again will I give them my business. It's obviously about the money and not the well being of the children and they should be shut down."

Nicole Hazelbaker "my friends son also had bruises all over his stomach from busy hands and staff had no explanation."

Missoulian 8/21/2012 "MPD investigate 2nd alleged sexual assault at drop in daycare."

Busy hands FB page on 4/1/17 deleted their reviews section from their page. I'm guessing because this story exploded on social media and went viral. Let's end this long history of neglect, child endangerment and abuse by shutting it down and help even more children by making facilities be licensed and staff be certified! 

Sincerely, Evan Petroff

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