Why Did Child Protective Services Fail Thomas Valva??

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Please sign and share!!! This is important. I will get this to all the decision makers that had a hand in this poor babies preventable tragic death. The hard truth is their are so many kids out there going through the same thing right now. Change in the system is needed to protect our children. this letter will go to the judges on the case the commissioner of social services those in charge of family court for both counties as well aacSuffolk County Executive Steven Bellone this baby will not die in vain I’m not going to give up #speakupforkids #justiceforthomaavalva

Why was this sweet innocent life lost? Why did he endure such horrific abuse? Why do the 5 other siblings who also endured years of mental and physical abuse now have to grapple with the fact that their brother is dead at the hands of their parents? We want to know why it seems our system failed this little boy when multiple reports were made to Child Protective Services by school officials, psychologists, and multiple pleas from the children's Mother begging to get her children away from their abusers as she feared they would kill them.

This mother had audio and visual proof to share that these children were in harm's way from 2018?? We want answers and we want to know what are you going to do to ensure this does not happen ever again to another child. Please read below and tell me how this was overlooked and these children continued to live with monsters and endured is unfathomable, heinous abuse for all these years?

Zubko-Valva claimed that she reported to law enforcement and child protective agencies and judges about the alleged abuse of her three young boys. Zubko-Valva, who says she lost custody of her three children in 2017, said she “went everywhere” to report that her children were in danger. Zubko-Valva alleged “severe” abuse of the children that included “physical, emotional, and also sexual abuse.”

A range of officials “ who knew that the children needed help. That they were being abused, and you know, brainwashed. That food was being withheld from them as a form of punishment.” “They did absolutely nothing,” said Zubko-Valva, who also has a 10-year-old and a 6-year-old that were living with Valva and Pollina. “Trust me, I wrote to everybody. I asked for help. I begged the judge to remove the children. Immediately I begged the CPS caseworker 10 days before my son’s death,” she said, adding, the caseworker then closed the report.

Zubko-Valva said during court proceedings over the years she told judges: “My children are gonna die from the sadistic and abusive care of Michael Valva and Angela Pollina. I told them everything.”

The helpless mother even detailed the alleged abuse on a Twitter account she created in January 2018 under the name “StandAgainstChildAbuse.” @Justzub

A 2018 report from the East Moriches School District posted in a tweet details how Thomas and his older brother, Anthony, were being neglected by Valva and Pollina.

“Biggest concern is that Mr. Valva and his fiancée Angela do not understand the depth of Anthony and Thomas’s disabilities,” read the letter written by a school psychologist.

The letter went on to say that “both Anthony and Thomas come into school hungry and frequently say they did not eat breakfast because they did not ask for breakfast or got in trouble.”

“The boys were afraid to go to the nurse’s office for a while and they said it was because they were directed by Mr. Valva and Angela not to go to the nurse’s office. This occurred shortly after the school nurse became involved in a CPS case because Thomas has multiple bruises on his bottom from Dad,” the letter read.
Another school letter posted to the account states: “Anthony and Thomas have stated that they were not allowed to eat breakfast because they did not use their manners, say good morning to Angela or were doing nothing. They have come in crying because of this.”

“The boys come in hungry and most days state that they have not eaten breakfast,” says the letter, which noted that “both boys were coming in with visible dirt on their bodies for days in a row,” and that Anthony lost 11 pounds in nine months, while Thomas gained one pound in 20 months — despite both being growing boys.

Meanwhile, Suffolk Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart said Friday that Thomas “was subjected to freezing temperatures” in the “unheated garage” of Valva and Pollina’s Long Island home in Center Moriches “overnight” Jan. 16 into Jan. 17 when the temperatures outside were just 19 degrees.

A Suffolk County source said that the day before Valva got angry with Thomas and beat the boy. As punishment, Thomas was ordered to stay in the garage, according to the source. Thomas’s lifeless body was found in the garage the next day and the source says Valva put the boy’s body in a warm bath to raise his body temperature. Valva reported to the police that his son fell in the driveway. Medics rushed the boy to Long Island Community Hospital and when he arrived there his body temperature was just 76 degrees, according to Hart.

After reading this what are you all going to do???

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