Pass TX Bill #HB-1805 to Award Offenders "Good Conduct Time" and Change Parole Eligibility

Pass TX Bill #HB-1805 to Award Offenders "Good Conduct Time" and Change Parole Eligibility

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The Hearing for this Bill is on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 @ 8:00 AM; therefore, this Petition must be signed from EVERYONE very quickly!!!

What is the difference between EARNED TIME and GOOD TIME? "Good Time Credit" is earned for the good behavior that an Offender displays during his/her time in prison. "Earned Time" is for participation in or completion of productive activities in various programs. For non-aggravated offenses, "Good Time" and "Work Time" can be added to flat time served, to equal the time required to be eligible for Parole Review. Both "Good Time" and "Work Time" can be lost as a result of a major rule infraction. People serving time for certain offenses currently DO NOT EARN any "Time Credits" for their efforts. Our proposed legislation adds "Earned Time" options as an alternative to "Good Conduct Time Credits" for those in the restricted category. This bill provides an incentive for all Offenders with parole eligibility to make the best of their time incarcerated.

NOTE: This bill WILL NOT GUARANTEE release for anyone; however, chances of a release are null and void if this bill does not get signed.

Again: The Hearing for this Bill is Wednesday, April 7, 2021 @ 8:00 AM. DO NOT HESITATE TO SIGN THIS PETITION NOW!


As a tax-paying citizen, I am frustrated by the billions of dollars that are funneled into TDCJ, which is a broken system. I have literally witnessed how there are non-rehabilitation services to those incarcerated and no incentives for them to become productive citizens of society. I believe it is detrimental to those of us in society, that those incarcerated returned to the public with a changed mindset. Mass incarceration simply does not work. Increasing ages in the prison population, health costs, and no incentives towards change DEFINITELY perpetuate the broken system. This bill (#HB-1805, Texas) will allow incarcerated individuals to earn time based on their behavior as well as the ability to prove that they have changed as individuals.

Bill #HB-1805 is long overdue to be passed. There are too many men and women serving long sentences and cannot accrue earned time based on their charge. This has not always been the case; however, a lot changed during the nineties. ALL OFFENDERS should be given a second chance to become productive citizens and live healthy lives with their respective families. This bill will allow offenders to work towards a goal because they are given hope. Statistics show that the recidivism of people with long sentences is less than 1%. They certainly don’t want to go back to TDCJ or the “culture” in which the system has set up - which is definitely broken and needs to be repaired. Please remember that we are all one step away from a mistake, small or large. I would hope that you would want the same equality if you or your loved one made a mistake that put them in prison. Bring hope back to these men and women! They need the resources and tools to be given to them so that they can better themselves and be given the same second chance you would want.

Bill #HB-1805 was placed on Governor Abbott's desk TWO YEARS AGO and he decided not to sign it. If everyone in favor of this bill writes a letter to Governor Abbott explaining why we believe it should go into effect, this would help, tremendously! Prisons are overcrowded and The Board of Pardons and Paroles barely approves one sentence commutation each year. That is absolutely absurd! Please send a letter to:

The Honorable Greg Abbott
Governor of Texas
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711

We cannot continue to cry out "We Want Change" or complain when change does not happen, while sitting around doing nothing. As a Prison Wife who has been with her husband since 1993 and lost him to incarceration in 2014, I refuse to be one of those people. Proof that my husband has been mentally and spiritually rehabilitated can be found in our recorded/filed telephone conversations. I challenge any TDCJ employee to listen to and study these conversations to see for yourself. Furthermore, he has served MORE THAN HALF of his time; as I'm certain many others have. But no... they only listen to recorded telephone conversation if they feel it will criminalize, right?


(We do not have much time!)


Dear House Representative [NAME OF HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE]:

My name is [YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAMES] and I am from [YOUR TOWN/COUNTY.] I am reaching out to discuss The Earned Time Credit Bill (HB 1805) with you. The proposed “Earned Time Credit Bill” authorizes “Earned Time Credits” toward parole ELIGIBILITY for all persons incarcerated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). It is worth mentioning that said bill doesn’t shorten sentences, but it provides more opportunities for some of the sentence time to be served in the community. Eligible inmates would have the opportunity to earn “Time Credits” by participating in rehabilitative programs such as educational, vocational, rehabilitation, and agricultural work. Programs like these not only incentivize inmates to take action while incarcerated, but are known to lower recidivism rates as well as stabilize the family structure. This bill will motivate inmates to invest in themselves, while also managing to reduce prison system costs and create safer communities. I beg you to consider supporting this bill! With much gratitude and respect, I beg you to consider supporting this bill!


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