Justice for Jeffrey U.S. Embassy needs to intervene!!

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On Monday April 23rd at approximately 2am, Jeffrey Alexander Tavarez was brutally murdered in cold blood as he arrived to his home. He was an American who moved to the Dominican Republic after falling in love and fathering a child with Dauriza Daniela Burgos. He had received a very large lawsuit settlement in NY, 2 months prior to his death. On said night, his life partner Daniela paid and arranged for several hitman to wait outside their home so they can gun down her son’s father in cold blood. Her brother has also been implicated as a coconspirator in this heinous crime. The motive to her betrayal was to gain full control of the lawsuit money. Moments after Jeffreys death Daniela claimed she knew nothing of his belongings nor where his passport stood. She later changed her story and escorted the police to a pawn shop to retrieve Jeffrey’s jewelry and stated his passport was in a safe box and turned it to the police. The Dominican Republic is a corrupt island and jurisdiction can be easily influenced by the wrong people.
Jeffrey’s family is seeking justice!!! Unfortunately, we can’t trust the jurisdiction of Dominican Republic to handle this case alone and we are desperately seeking help from the U.S. We need the Embassy, specifically Steve A. Linick, the Inspector General of the U.S. Government, to get involved and for these criminals to get prosecuted to the full extent of the law, for this brutal murder. We sometimes seek happiness outside the US whether to live, retire, or simply vacation. When our loved one looses their lives especially as tragically as Jeffrey lost his shouldn’t the U.S. help us fight for justice? Please intervene and enforce with greater power. Please sign as your signature is a another voice heard.