Steubenville Rape Case - Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine: Charge Michael Nodianos With Failure to Report a Crime

Steubenville Rape Case - Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine: Charge Michael Nodianos With Failure to Report a Crime

January 30, 2013
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Michael Nodianos is the 18 year-old man shown laughing in a video about a 16 year old-girl being raped -- THE VIDEO WAS REPORTEDLY FILMED THE SAME NIGHT AS THE RAPES.




Evidence from the video strongly suggests Michael Nodianos knew a rape had taken place -- he repeatedly said "they raped her" in the video -- but he did NOT report the crime to the police or law enforcement, as required under Ohio law, Revised Code § 2921.22.


Under Ohio law, Revised Code § 2921.22  a person can be held criminally liable for FAILURE TO REPORT A CRIME. 


Ohio Law, Revised Code § 2921.22 (A)(1) states that “no person, knowing that a felony has been or is being committed, shall knowingly fail to report such information to law enforcement authorities. Whoever violates division (A) or (B) of this section is guilty of failure to report a crime.” 

 Rape is a felony under Ohio law, Revised Code § 2907.02


***  It was reported in the media the 16 year old girl had been drugged – and that while she was unconscious,  multiple attackers raped her multiple times at different parties, URINATED ON HER  -- and carried her like a rag doll to different parties, while she was helpless and unconscious.


*** In the video, Michael Nodianos states several times: "they raped her."


They raped her harder than that cop raped Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction."  (see 4:22 in video)

"They raped her more than the Duke Lacrosse Team." (see 5:02 in video)

"They raped her quicker than Mike Tyson raped that one girl." (see 4:36 in video)

"She is so raped right now.”  (see 5:17 in video)


Nodianos refers to the rape victim's vagina being dry from being raped while she was unconscious, how the girl did not move while her attackers raped her and urinated on her, and he refers to the girl as being "dead.” “Dead” is Nodianos’ word for “unconscious.”


“Her puss is about as dry as the sun right now.”(see 6:12 in video)

“There won't be any foreplay for a dead girl.” “If it ain't wet now, it ain't ever gonna be wet….trust me I'm a doctor."


Nodianos makes numerous references in the video to how the young rape victim was unconscious during the rapes (and therefore unable to consent), by referring to the girl as "dead" and the "dead girl."


"They peed on her. That's how you know she's dead, cuz someone pissed on her."  (see 1:53 in video)

“She’s dead because there’s a naked picture of her – a wang in the butthole, and she wasn’t movin. There’s usually a reaction to that.” (see 1:07 in video)

(A person off camera speaks to Michael Nodianos, using Nodianos’ nickname, “Nodi” )

Nodi, why isn’t she waking up?” Nodianos responds “She’s dead! There ain’t no waking up.” (see :51 seconds into the video)

“She is deader than Trayvon Martin.” (see 5:56 in video)

“She’s deader than O.J.’s wife.” (see 2:34 in video)

“She is deader than Caylee Anthony.”(see 2:41 in video) 


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This petition had 3,716 supporters

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