Justice for Cassie Sheetz

Justice for Cassie Sheetz

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On March 11, 2021, 24-year-old Cassie Sheetz disappeared while on a hike at Spruce Knob in Pendleton County, West Virginia.

Cassie was with two male friends, Grant Sager and James Brill II, before the trio allegedly became separated. While the two boys ultimately made it off the trail, Cassie did not. Despite ongoing searches by her family, Cassie has now been missing for over 6 months. 

Since the beginning, Cassie's case did not receive the attention it deserves from law enforcement and the media.

The story put forth by the men has never been confirmed. In fact, it has never been established that Cassie was ever at Spruce Knob on the day of her disappearance.

The West Virginia State Police has also missed crucial clues. The two individuals last with Cassie, Grant Sager and James Brill II, have withheld information about the night of her disappearance. For example, it's believed that Grant Sager changed his clothes at some point that night. Despite photo evidence, investigators failed to realize this and were made aware by the public. 

In addition to the missed clues, search efforts for Cassie were minimal and insufficient. Despite the interest, there were no public searches held for Cassie. It wasn't until recently that the first search was held, and it was organized by family.

Even more, the West Virginia State Police has made improper and unfair statements about Cassie.  One of the lead investigators referred to her as a "tweaker" when interviewed. Regardless of intention, referring to Cassie in this way is unacceptable. 

The investigation has seemingly lost momentum, yet the West Virginia State Police has failed to invite other agencies to help. 

Cassie's family and community need answers. Please sign this petition to help get #JusticeforCassie

1,407 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!