Reduce the speed on the A5119 in Flint Mountain

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We, the undersigned, are calling for a reduction in the speed limit on the A5119 in Flint Mountain. We call on Flintshire County Council to: 

  1. Reduce the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph 
  2. Enforce the speed limit by installing a speed camera 

Heavy traffic and large numbers of articulated lorries travel on the A5119 through Flint Mountain at speeds upwards of 50mph with no restrictions on overtaking and in the knowledge that the speed limit has never been enforced. The current speed limit, coupled with the increasing volume of traffic poses a very real danger to local residents and road users. The speed limit has not been changed for over 10 years, since a fatal accident; whereas in neighbouring villages (e.g. Northop) the speed limit has been lowered recently. 

Between 2005 - 2015 there have been 21 reported accidents on this stretch (cited from There are countless accidents that happen on this road which are not reported. Flintshire County Council have conducted traffic surveys finding that the speed limit is frequently broken, most recently it found vehicles travelling at 92mph, and still nothing is done to enforce it. 

There are several access points on the road where vehicles stop and turn, including; bus stops and numerous driveways (most of which are concealed entrances). School buses use this route, meaning children as young as 11 are required to cross the road and dodge speeding traffic. In one 600m stretch of the road there are 12 houses and 1 pub, just under the required amount for the speed to be automatically 30 mph (Department for Transport). 

The fear of the speed of traffic on this road is affecting local resident's quality of life. 

Residents who live on this road are suffering abuse on a daily basis (including beeping horns, road rage, swearing and even drivers getting out of their vehicles to physically confront residents) when trying to exit or enter their driveways. Residents are forced to reverse out onto the main road due to impatient road users preventing them reversing onto their driveways. There are children who live on this road who are fearful of the traffic at night and some residents are unable to sleep due to the constant noise of speeding traffic. The negative impact speeding traffic has on the local community should be taken into consideration when deciding speed limits (Department for Transport). 

 Keep us safe – drop the speed, enforce the speed. 

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