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We demand the immediate resignation of the dis-Honorable Gregory Lenehan.

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On March 1st, 2017, Judge Gregory Lenehan (NS Provincial Court) handed down a not guilty verdict in the sexual assault case of Bassam Al-Rawi, a local taxi driver accused of assaulting a young woman in the back seat of his cab in May of 2015. Links below to multiple news outlets for a complete story, but here are some highlights from his deplorable ruling.
"Experienced taxi drivers easily recognize the signs of intoxication,” Lenehan said. “They also know from experience that drunks can behave in ways detrimental to their own health and reputation.”
“Taxi drivers are therefore under a moral obligation to not take advantage of intoxicated people, either by ramping up improper fares or engaging in sexual activity, as two examples.”
“She was clearly drunk,” he said. “If she was unable to provide an address, he should have sought police assistance. Once he saw she had peed her pants, he knew she was quite drunk. He knew that going along with any flirtation on her part involved him taking advantage of a vulnerable person.
“That isn’t somebody I would want my daughter driving with, nor any other young woman, and it is not somebody I would want to hire to drive for my company.”

"This does not mean, however, that an intoxicated person cannot give consent to sexual activity. Clearly, a drunk can consent."

Despite his own condemning words, he chose to ignore the laws of this province, ignore the trust and responsibilities we the people have put in him to keep us all safe.

This is not the first time the decision making of this Judge has caught the public eye, this is the same judge who handed out a 1 -year sentence in the Rehtaeh Parsons case. This is the same judge who handed out a 2-year house arrest sentence 2012 to a man convicted of molesting his own daughter.

We are writing this petition and addressing it directly the Premier Stephen McNeil, in hopes that our Premier shares in our Canadian values (Basic Human Rights), that rape will not be tolerated in this province, that removing the pants from an intoxicated and unconscious young woman at 2 am in the back of a taxi, is not something that he will support and encourage.

We need you, not only to sign and share this petition, WE NEED YOU TO REACH OUT TO YOUR MLA TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! Call them, email them, and stop by their office, make it perfectly clear that if this government wants to represent its people this Judge needs to removed from behind the bench.

Please submit a complaint through The Courts of Nova Scotia here:

Media sources, (to be updated constantly), Please fact check away, Please share more info in the comments section so we can get as much information on this man available for all to see.

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