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Commit to a 10 year legislated moratorium, or a ban, on fracking

New techniques of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) allow companies to extract previously unavailable gas, oil and other materials from the earth. But these new fracking techniques, and the industries which depend on them, have serious health and environmental risks.

- Fracking requires millions of litres of water from our lakes and rivers – 14 million litres of water were used to frack two exploratory wells in Hants County in 2008.

- Fracking introduces tons of toxic chemicals, many undisclosed,  into the ground which can pollute our drinking water – many chemicals used for fracking in Hants County fracking have known and serious health and environmental impacts.

- Fracking produces millions of litres of wastewater.  The Nova Scotia government is still trying to dispose of millions of litres of wastewater from 2008.

Our provincial parties seem to believe that with tighter regulations, fracking can be done safely.  This is not true.  Regulations based on industry information will not protect water, health or communities. Industry “best practices” are not necessarily safe practices.  There is no valid evidence that these new techniques of resource extraction can be carried out without serious risk to the environment, health, climate or rural sustainability.

Regulations cannot control the laws of physics, geology, or human error.

We want our government to weigh all the risks and the benefits of fracking in our province, using solid, independent information based on science. We need to wait for the science, not rush ahead and make costly and irreversible mistakes. 

Nova Scotians deserve REAL protection from harm, for present and future generations.

I want my government to commit to a 10 year legislated moratorium, or a ban, on hydraulic fracturing for unconventional oil and gas in Nova Scotia.  


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