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The government has spent over $52.3 million in "Economic Action Plan" ads since 2009. Natural Resources Canada has budgeted $9 million in the current 2012-13 fiscal year for ads. 

We are growing tired of these TV, radio, print and Internet ads. We got the point.

“They don’t reflect people’s daily experience. And at a time when the government says it wants to be fiscally prudent, it’s wasting huge sums of money on these ads for projects that have already been long finished. What is the point?” - MP Peggy Nash

The frivolous spending doesn't stop there. The government spent $300,000 on polling firms just to find out how Canadians feel about these ads. They don't need to hire a firm to know that Canadians feel that this is "propaganda" and "a waste of money". Let this petition be a bold indicator as to how Canadians really feel about these ads.

Letter to
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
and 1 other
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
Stop wasting our tax money on the "Action Plan" ads.

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