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Petitioning Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper and 2 others

Stephen Harper, PM of Canada and Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment: Help save the Amur Leopard!

Amur Leaopards are extremely endangered, with only 35 left in the wild and few in captivity. The Amur Leopard is endangered because people are destroying their habitats to create mines. People also hunt the leopard prey leaving limited food resources. People also skin the Amur Leopard to sell its fur for coats, hats and other clothing items.

Letter to
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Minister of the Environment Peter Kent
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
Help save the Amur Leopard!

With number dwindling now is the time to act! With so few Amur Leopards left in the world and captivity this is a species on the brink of extinction, please help!

While the Amur Leopard is found in Eastern Russia, Canada could help by putting pressure on the Russian government to protect their habitat. Canada could also create stricter laws for those importing artefacts from endangered animals.