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Consequences needed for endangerment in road rage shooting!

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Our family is still processing the terrifying "road rage shooting incident" in November which involved our precious three year old. Briefly, a man named Sartori felt "threatened" at a stop light and unloaded 10-15 rounds of his semi-automatic weapon across route 60 (emptying his gun), killing the unarmed man who allegedly "threatened" him and, in the process, firing four bullet's into the nearby car my nephew was riding in with his father. Had the bullet in this picture been inches higher it would have gone straight through the window to his car seat. The trajectory of a bullet found in the trunk was headed for the back of his carseat. It is by the grace of God that this precious child was not harmed. Yet the newspapers summarily report that the "3 year old was uninjured" and the ASA states to the press that he sees no evidence that the shooting was "unlawful", but the investigation is still ongoing.

If you are not familiar with this law I encourage you to educate yourself about it and its impact on our public safety. Originally intended to protect those who use deadly force against intruders in their home, its been expanded to allow use of deadly force in public places, even if there are options to retreat available. This defense is successfully asserted even in cases, like this one, where the "threatening" party is killed and turns out to be unarmed. Research shows an increase in Florida homicides since its enactment and also shows that this defense is overwhelmingly asserted by males ages 20-29 (the exact age group for which auto insurance sky-rockets due to testosterone-fueled impulsive driving.) Mr. Sartori, 29, obviously knew of this law and calmly asserted his self defense claim on the 911 call.

If you believe that Sartori's right to defend his own life did not give him the right to expose innocent bystanders to potential death or serious injury then I urge you to sign the petition and join me and many others who have emailed Assistant State Attorney Stephen Gosnell Tell him that you are a concerned citizen and that you urge him to bring charges against Mr. Sartori in this case. Failure to give some consequence to Mr. Sartori will set dangerous precedent for our community: play grounds, parking lots, street festivals -- anywhere that someone feels their life is threatened would be fair game to excessively unload their weapons regardless of who else they harm in the crossfire.

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