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Navan Wetland Zoning Will Devalue Properties and Strip Away Landowners' Rights

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South Nation Conservation is proposing a "Wetland Restoration Project" within Navan, ON, in an area currently owned by the City of Ottawa and zoned as Parkland (01).  The project would include the excavation of three large shallow ponds.

The Navan Landowners Committee is primarily concerned that this project is the first step in a steady "creep" in the rezoning or re-designation of City of Ottawa property that surrounds Navan, from Parkland (01) to a Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW).  Recent events in Goulbourn Township highlight how this can and is occurring.         

When Parkland (or parts thereof) is rezoned and or re-designated, and buffer zones created, there is a drastic decrease in property value and restrictions to landowners' rights, within the wetland areas and surrounding buffer zones.

Other concerns include the breeding of mosquitoes and the influx of new predators in search of prey, putting our health and safety at risk.

Therefore, I request the termination of the Navan "Wetland Restoration Project".

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 7:00 p.m.
Navan Memorial Arena, 2nd Floor
1295 Colonial Road, Navan, ON

Get informed and speak your mind at the Navan Wetland Meeting on June 7th.

Councillor Stephen Blais says if you don't want it, we won't do it. The Councillor has final say in the wetland decision.

If you don't want South Nation Conservation to create three large man made ponds in Navan, join your neighbours to request the termination of this proposal. Your participation at the meeting is important and will make a difference.


Over 100 people attended a presentation in Navan on May 15, 2017, to listen to the Navan Landowners Committee (NLC) present the issues and implications of South Nation Conservation's (SNC) proposal, to create a wetland in our community.

The NLC explained how the area could be rezoned or re-designated as a Provincially Significant Wetland.  If the ponds are constructed, this area by definition becomes a wetland and all the properties within the 120 meter buffer zone are drastically devalued and landowners' rights are restricted. Their property would become a protected wetland, under the authority of SNC.

Together we can make a difference.  Councillor Stephen Blais and SNC have stated if we don't want it, they won't do it.  Let them know you don't want it!

Talk to your neighbours and friends about how this proposal could affect their lives.  For more information ask them to visit the NLC Facebook group page or send an email to

Navan Landowners Committee

The Navan Landowners Committee (NLC) represents Navan property owners within the Cumberland Ward.  It was established by landowners who are concerned that the efforts to create a new wetland have gone too far.  Dealings with SNC and the City have been deceptive.  While some people believe wetland protection should be a priority over property concerns, a significant portion of Navan landowners are troubled over what they see as a growing government infringement on the rights of property owners. 

NLC members are supporters of the environment and the preservation of real wetlands. Committee concerns and objections are with the procedures, methodology and regulatory aspects of creating new wetlands and its designation. 

For more information send an email to, call 613-806-9355,  or visit us on Facebook at


Navan Landowners Committee

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