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Use five percent of traffic revenue and donate it to shelters.

Collecting Traffic Revenue to Give To Animal Shelters and Rehabilitation Centers to Reduce Euthanized Animals Percentage

Did you know that about 3-4 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year? About one animal dies every 8 seconds in shelters. Domesticated and wild animals are being hurt in many ways.

Animals are getting harmed every day intentionally and accidentally. Road kill makes animals get hurt constantly. Communication towers confuse birds and cause them to run into the towers. Another terrible thing that dogs undergo is dog fighting. The innocent dogs are illegally forced to train under drugs. They are pressured to work under training equipment that they aren’t used to. Animals are abandoned and left behind in hoarders’ (yard of a local cat lady) yards every day. They are left lonely with no support and resources.

This type of neglect shouldn’t occur, but it does and if animals aren’t given the proper care it can result in diseases or lead to death. Shelters and rehabilitation centers are the only places that the animals have left to go. The animals must stay there until they can be adopted or properly be nursed back to health. About 6-8 million cats and dogs end up in shelters of United States every year. There are only about 3 million dogs and cats that are actually helped. We must increase the amount of animals that can be helped in shelters and centers. Though, shelters need help to do this.

Nobody has really thought about how much it really costs to keep an animal in the animal shelter. It takes more than ten thousand, maybe even a hundred thousand dollars to keep the animals in care. It’s sad to hear that many animals are killed just because it costs so much to keep them at the animal shelter. Today, people are donating their money for these helpless animals. These budgets have caused many problems, both financially and emotionally. The costs and budgets for animal shelters have disappointed the people all around the world. It’s time for the youth of the people to do something about this!

Traffic revenue and volunteer work can help animal shelters do what they were intended and made for. Traffic revenue is when people get traffic tickets for speeding, parking, and violating traffic rules. When people get those tickets they are forced to pay or go to court. If they chose to pay, then the government collects that money. However, a small percentage of that money should be donated to those animal shelters. We could donate at least some of that money to the animal shelters. The country collects a little more than 2.1 million dollars every year from traffic tickets revenue. Taking 5% of that money to help dissolve animal mass population and harm will only lead to our benefit.

These innocent and poor animals need all the help they can get. We don’t have the resources or the money to help all of them, but we must still take a tiny step forward as a start. Taking a little bit of money off of something such as traffic revenue and putting it to good use will make all the little animal hearts warmer. No one necessarily likes paying tickets, but when you know that your money has been used for good use to help animals get into shelters,you know you have done your job. In the end these shelters won’t have to euthanize or kill so many animals and our communities will be safer with less animals roaming around.


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