Safety at all level crossings

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On the 23rd of February 2021 my beloved Ethan and his work colleague Mark, lost their lives at a level crossing on Eurabba Lane. Eurabba Lane is in Bribaree which is approximately 70kms north west of Young. Ethan - the love of my life, an adored son, treasured brother and cherished uncle and friend. Mark Fenton- a treasured and loved husband to Lynne, father to Franky, Hugo and Jetty, a brother and a great mate. Instead of planning my dream Fijian wedding with Ethan, I planned his funeral. 3 beautiful kids without their beautiful father. 

They were in a road train truck carting gypsum from one side of a farm to the other. Both incredibly sensible and hardworking men who did not race the train and with better railway safety measures both would still be here today. This railway crossing had only a simple stop and look for trains sign. This railway lines view is obstructed with overgrown grass and a significant amount of trees.

In Australia only 21% of our railway crossings are classified as "Active" which means have lights +/- boom gates. That means 79% are classified as "Passive" which means they only have a stop or give way sign. There are over 1000 near hits and almost 30 fatalities every year. Today I am petitioning for lights to be made mandatory at all level crossings at a minimum. In rural areas we need to bridge this gap in transport and start fighting for our right to be safe at all level crossings.

I will never be able to bring Ethan back, but I can fight to make sure I do all I can to prevent anyone else going through the pain I feel. This is for you Ethan Hunter and Mark Fenton, I promise we are all going to fight for you.