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Expel Robert Griffin Jr. From Ottawa Police For His Harm Against Black Disabled Woman

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It was April 2015 when the Ottawa Police Services ignored the cries of a now disabled black woman thanks to the Police.

You see, the Ottawa Police Services has an elder abuse unit that is supposedly designed to protect the elderly from abuse.

However, this doesn't appear to be the case if you're black. As Dezrin's case demonstrates, if you're born black in Ottawa and suffer from abuse, the Ottawa Police Services will go through the motions and do nothing.

Dezrin produced a note that her husband was abusing her, then begged the police to ensure that her son could visit her once a week, and do you know what the the Ottawa Police Services did? The exact opposite of what the Dezrin wanted.

Dezrin's abusive husband hired an apparent dirty cop named Robert Griffin Jr who blocked Dezrin from seeing her son against her wishes. This dirty cop then pursued a campaign of unlawful harassment against Dezrin's son she she needed him the most that was being directed by Dezrin's husband.

As a result of the macabre activities of Robert Griffin Jr, Dezrin's son was unable to help his Mom, who can no longer write, talk or walk as of June 2015.

Dezrin has been denied visitation access rights since 12 June 2015 that Detective Robert J. Griffin and clique of rogue cops that has operated under his supervision.

Detective Robert J. Griffin has been responsible for Dezrin being forced to live under shocking abuse and profound psychological trauma under conditions of Hell perpetuated by her husband for well more than 500 days.

We, the undersigned deplore the conduct of Detective Robert J.Griffin, and his police confederates Isabelle Coady and S. Fenton, and demand their resignation from the Ottawa Police Services for their breaches of public trust and reckless disregard for the civil and human rights of a disabled black woman.


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