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Queenslanders deserve the truth

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Queenslanders want to End the Legalisation Animal Cruelty This petition for all you Queenslanders who want the public to know about what is really going on and believe the public deserve to know the reality of factory farming and what the process involves. The government shouldn't punish those trying to speak out. I'm starting this petition to show the government that Queenslanders want to know the truth and we have the right to know what the publics money is supporting. Many animals are raised and killed for food. We are taught that society is opposed to animal cruelty. However, a lot of Australians are unaware that governments have exceptions in legislation in which result millions of animals being raised for food denied full protection and the government has in fact legalised animal cruelty for profits. Common practices cause suffering for these animals and the public are NOT aware of this. The suffering of these animals would be considered illegal if it was inflicted on a cat or dog. The government is responsible for permitting cruelty. These animals are voiceless. They need our help NOW. 2016, is the year of justice for animals. Please sign this petition and share with family and friends and urge the Queensland Government to given the public the truth and let people decide if they want to fund this cruel industry. Let's have an open discussion about this issue and allow the public to know ALL the facts when it comes to buying animal products and what the implications are for pigs, chickens, baby lambs, baby cows, baby chicks, ducks etc.

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