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Remove Charles Clymer as a Contributor

Charles Clymer, a blogger and activist, has recently been held accountable by the feminist community for his oppressive and misogynstic behavior. He has been know to ban women from the Facebook page he created and administers, Equality for Women, for seemingly just disagreeing with his point of view, and wrote this sexist rant towards one such woman on his (now it seems unpublished) Facebook page, Equality for Women. 

He also appropriated the #YesAllWomen hashtag to promote his religious beleifs, made questionable statements about sexual assault, and tone-policed and gas lighted women of color in a predominatley white Facebook group, and been psychologically abusive towards anyone who disagrees with him.

All of this behavior sparked the creation of #StopClymer on Twitter, to let Charles know that he is not a leader we want for our movement. As a result, PolicyMic has removed him as a contributor from their website, as well as his photo from their #AllMenCan piece.

Huffington Post, please take action and remove Charles as a blogger. He does not deserve to have a prestigous position like that, nor the audience that a website with your following gives him. 

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