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Reddcoin Integration to the Steam Network

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With the recent news of Steam announcing that they will delist Bitcoin as a accepted payment, the opportunity for another currency to shine has arised. This decision was appriorate, as it is a high maintenance crypto currency to support, due to it's incredibly high fee's and not forgetting it's slow transaction times. It has indeed become the 'gold' of the crypto currency market and is a inefficient form of payment for a P2P system. 

This is where Reddcoin can help to provide an cost-effective and efficient payment system for the Steam Store and Community endeavours. Reddcoin is a relatively aged coin, with a very strong community that has supported it throughout the thick and thin. It aim's to be the social crypto currency, as it's main function is to tip other's seamlessly across all social networking portals. It bares many attractive attributes:

■  It's swift transaction times - Times of under 5 second's were recorded for a transaction to register on the network.   

          ◇   Trial one: 2.58 Seconds

          ◇   Trial two: 2.09 Seconds

          ◇   Trial three: 2.03 Seconds

■ It's low fees - Depending on the byte size of the transaction, fee's are as little as 0 RDD to 0.002 RDD.

■ It's PoSv algorithm - The Proof of Stake Velocity mechanism provide's people to utilise their holdings to support the network in a easy and enjoyable process whilst being rewarded. 

■ It's social aspect - A brilliant way to enhance the Steam Community's eco-system as Reddcoin could be used to gift/tip other users across the Steam Network or be exchanged for in game content on the Community Marketplace. 

If you would like to see Reddcoin on the Steam Network please help to support the movement by registering for this petition, it would greatly improve Reddcoin's publicity and benefit both parties magnificently in the near future. 

Thank you for your support.


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