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Forgiveness for Steam VAC Bans

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Dear Gaben,

      We feel that the policy for VAC Bans is too strict. We believe that cheating is a detrimental to games and their communities. We also believe that people can change and mature. This being said we propose a plan to remove bans from People’s record on the bases of good behavior. This change is needed because VAC bans are used not only as a judge of character; but as a factor to join a server or community. One example of VAC bans being used this way is to determine if a player can join a server;  on a different game (IE Rust Servers and many other games to) that the person didn’t get a VAC ban in, will not allow a VAC banned player to join. Also, these VAC bans have been used to determine if a person can be a member of a Clan/Guild/etc. This is not fair to the person who is banned, because a VAC ban will be on their profile regardless of time when the Ban happened.

Here is our plan; we would like to hear back from you on the terms.

If a person gets a ban they have to wait a set amount of time (I.E.  1 Year) and meet the requirements for good behavior (see below), then they will need to confirm be for opening a ticket that If they get another ban on the game it can be appealed after set time (I.E. 5 years). After they agree to this, they will need to make steam support ticket to have the ban removed from their account.

If the player gets banned they have to wait the set time (5 years) they will be told that this is final time in which they can appeal once they confirm, they will need to make steam support ticket to have the ban removed from their account.

  If the Player has appealed a total of 2 times they will no longer be allowed to appeal and the ban will be permanently recorded.


Good Behavior Defined As Follows

1. No VAC bans for set amount of time (I.E. 1 year (365 Days))

2. No validated records of cheating for set amount of time (I.E. 1 year (365 Days))

3. Following community guidelines

We hope to hear from you and hope you find that what we ask is reasonable.



                Your Customers and Fans


P.S. Thank you for your time Gaben and everyone else who made it this far!

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