Stealth Pregnancy requires added methods for testing - so to obtain proper fetal care

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Internationally, more and more women are birthing full term babies, unassisted.

Why Unassisted?

Because doctors reassure them that they are not pregnant - due to negative tests.

These same women, are left in a state of emotional confusion, while they continue to experience ongoing pregnancy symptoms, a slow growing abdomen, and strong kicks and nudges to their insides. 

With the internet at our fingertips, more and more women are uncovering medical journals and news reports, of women experiencing both; undetected AND post-term pregnancies (beyond 43 weeks) - with negative/abnormal tests/ultrasounds.

With this petition, we wish to bring awareness to this increasing phenomenon - so to obtain beyond "standard" blood-work

[We know some mothers birth healthy babies with little to no Hcg present.]

Adding "unconventional" tests such as - Cell-Free Fetal DNA, Prenatal Screening Tests, MSAFP and Fetal MRI - would be a great way to detect fetal presence, where HcG is nil.

No mother should be turned away from medical care, or fetal care, just because her results aren't "by the book".

We recognize medical malpractice is something that can be avoided, and we would much appreciate proper care - over having to deliver our babies alone (after being told our abdominal growth is that of cysts, IBS, constipation or weight gain).

Please view the women who support and advocate for misdiagnosed pregnancies. 

Kindly connect with me, as I am only seeking a solution for past and present mothers who've been continuously turned away from essential care. 

Kindest Regards,

Miss. Ashley Megan, Ssw