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Keep the Oregon Pike Stauffers of Kissel Hill Open!

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Stauffers of Kissel Hill announced July 26th 2017 that they plan to close their Oregon Pike store at the end of June 2018. There is a number of customers who are very unhappy with this decision. I want to show Stauffers how many people that are displeased by their decision and would like them to reconsider.

Please sign if you would like the Oregon Pike Stauffers to stay open.

The Stauffers on Oregon Pike is a smaller sized grocery store that has a very loyal customer base and the feel of a community store. There are many customers, like myself, who only shop at this grocery store. This isn't because due to lack of options either. Less than a mile away is a much larger grocery store with a much larger selection, but we still shop at our Stauffers because they carry the selection that we care about.

Stauffers stated that their reason was because this particular Stauffers didn't have room to expand. Not everyone wants constant expansion or the massive selection that you have to sift through to find the one product you want in the sea of ones that you don't. There are a number of large SUPER markets in the county, and more are coming, and a dwindling number of the family owned personable community driven stores. This is trend a lot of people do not want and has a large impact on the immediate area and community as well as the county as a whole.

There are a large number of employees that have been there for many years, if not decades in some cases. You can go into this Stauffers and say hello to a dozen employees by name who you have seen every week, and they recognize you and go out of their way to great you. Not because it's their job, but because they recognize you!! No super market that I have ever been to has ever had the same. 

Stauffers is recommending that customers can frequent their other two stores in the county. Each one of these stores is at least 15 to 20 minutes away, and that's not factoring in rush hour traffic. These other stores are also very large and do not have the same type of staff either. Due to their massive size, you do not see the same staff all the time, if at all. 

Lancaster has also gone through two other grocery store closings very recently, and due to the same reasoning, and not to good effect. We should not have to suffer another one. Where does it end?

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