Justice for Thor

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Justice for Thor

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Source: WQAD 8

KEWANEE, Illinois -- Officers in Henry Country are charging a 17-year-old with aggravated animal cruelty for slashing the neck of a puppy.

According to the Kewanee Police Department, on Tuesday, July 25, they responded to reports of a possible injured animal at the entrance of Lakeland Terrace apartment complex, where a puppy was found with four lacerations on its neck and abrasions on its back. 

The injuries appeared to be 12-to-24 hours old.

"It just about breaks your heart, I don't understand the thinking of people," said Kellie Wallace, shelter director, Henry County Humane Society.

The animal was immediately transported to the Kewanee Vet Clinic where it received life-saving care.

"He wants to be a puppy, he is like licking, and he is wagging his tail... he's just in really bad shape," said Teri Warner, dog adoption coordinator, Henry County Humane Society.

The Humane Society has already named the pup "Thor" for his strength through all of the trauma.

"Thor means strength and he had to be a strong little boy to survive all that with no food, no water," said Wallace.

The Henry County Humane Society Kewanee has taken over responsibility for the dog and is taking care of all vet bills.

Any donations to go towards its care can be sent to:

Kewanee Vet Clinic
206 Townsedge Road
Kewanee, IL 61443
Or the Henry County Humane Society Kewanee
P.O. Box 695
Kewanee, IL 61443

The puppy is expected to make a full recovery.

According to the Humane Society it will be at least a few months before he will be ready to be put up for adoption.

Now, please note, Police have arrested and are charging the suspect (age 17) as a juvenile with aggravated animal cruelty for slashing Thor's neck multiple times. Myself just as many others agree he should be CHARGED AS AN ADULT. If he can make the decision to deeply cut a innocent baby animals throat with intent to kill little Thor and leave him abandoned to die, he can be charged as an adult!!! This is our little town, Kewanee, Illinois! Do you want this low life getting off easy? Do you want this horrible person on our streets? If you answered no, then sign this. Also, as soon as a court date is set for, (08/09/17 at 1pm in Cambridge, IL) I plead as many people to show up and protest he be charged as an adult also there. Help give Thor the justice he deserves! #justiceforthor

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This petition had 68,532 supporters

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