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STATEN ISLAND deserves a FAIR RESIDENT TOLL DISCOUNT from the Port Authority and demand an OUTSIDE FORENSIC AUDIT of the P.A.

Staten Islanders deserve a resident toll discount as there is no way we can return to Staten Island by car other than using a bridge. The Outerbridge, Bayonne Bridge and Goethals Bridge are used everyday for SI Residents to go to work as well as visit family.

The latest toll hikes, and proposed toll hikes scheduled over the next four years is a hardship for Staten Island. This will also impact the loss of business on Staten Island as well as increase the cost of products sold on Staten Island.

We need a $4 forever toll.

We live here 24/7, not just peak hours....and we should not have peak and non-peak rates.

Also we need a discount that will allow just one person in the car. We  don't always have 3 or more people available.

And lastly, we need this to be carved in stone, protected for life, irreversible by future politicians or acts of the P.A.  When down the road the PA is looking for more revenues, hopefully by then a full forensic audit was done and they learned to trim the fat and get rid of the waste...that right there is millions on top of millions. Do you know there are hundreds of PA police officers who have a base salary of $107,000 and make over $130,000 in overtime.  This is just ONE example of why the P.A. needs to be audited.

Do you realize that the last toll hike has built in increases for the next 4 years.  If you are disgusted with the tolls right now, wait until your EZPASS peak rate is $12.50.  WHERE DOES IT STOP? ??

We need relief and we need it now.

We respectfully ask the PA to revisit the Staten Island Resident Discount, and we call on our elected officials to put politics aside and stand up with us to get this done.  This is long overdue for Staten Island and in the words of someone who ran for a national office and won: YES WE CAN.

DO NOT let anyone tell you petitions are a waste of time.  There is power in the people and that is why we need EVERYONE to sign on.

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  •  State Senator Andrew Lanza
  •  State Senator Diane Savino
  •  Hon. Louis Tobacco 
  •  Hon. Nicole Malliotakis 
  •  Hon. Matthew Titone 
  •  Hon. Michael Cusick 
  • Sen Charles Fuschillo


Thank you for signing the petition.  The reason this time is different is we have social media on our side.  People in Egypt used social media to take down a government.  We here in America, the greatest country in the world, should be able to use social media to beat up the PA a little bit and pressure our elected officials to do what they were elected for: to represent the people of Staten Island, and I do not know one Staten Islander that would not agree we need relief at our bridge crossings.




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The Port Authority, Gov. Cuomo and Gov Christie are all on record stating that one of the reasons the toll hikes were necessary was to rebuild the WTC.  Well now the Port Authority is saying none of the money will be used to rebuild the WTC.  So they flat out lied and misrepresented this to us.  What else are they lying about?  The door is wide open for a full forensic audit and possibly a lawsuit.  I always thought bait and switch was illegal.  Also I want to hear how they justify PA police officers who have a base salary of $107,000 and make an additional $130,000 in overtime.  Where does is stop.  Better question, when does it start?  When do we start taking the PA apart? 


The PA threw Staten Island a bone.  They granted us a SI Resident Discount which amounts to nothing.  The plan calls that you prepay for 10 trips @ $4.75 which you must use within 30 days.  So if you don't use it, you lose it, which is a rip-off.  This plan does not help the many who are casual or heavy users of the bridge.  So if you visit family a few times a month or you work in NJ and go every day,  you do NOT get any discount.  If this is a Staten Island Residential discount, and your are a Staten Island Resident and you do not fit into this 10 trip plan, I believe you are being discriminated against and a class action suit should come about.  We have a lot more fight to fight and we are NOT giving up.  

You may have read about the tolls on the NJ Turnpike going up on Jan 1st as part of a previous toll hike plan...and you are not happy about that....well brace yourself for the increases slated for the next 4 years on the PA bridges.  This is why we have to keep the pressure on our elected officials to once and for all get us a reduced fixed resident discount, so please sign this petition and then send it to everyone you can.

We have added Sen Charles Fuschillo to our petition and will be forwarding him all previous signatures




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