227 Stamping Ground Road Kentucky

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227 also known as Stamping Ground Road, in Scott County Kentucky, is a vicious road,for this community that travel it daily to Georgetown for work and, school. There are freight trucks and, farm machinery that travel up and down this road daily as well. There is no room for passing on this road that is bearly just over the size of 2 bicycle lanes. The curves in this road become life threatening, anytime weather adds to the hazards, that already present themselves. In one year and, a minute we lost 4 young people in just this one curve that sits in front of Duvall Station Road. The crosses are adding up all to quick in this curve. Before long we will have an entire grave yard at the end of it . I can not see so much loss, without it bringing about  change, for the future of this community to have a safer road to commute on and, give our kids a safer road to travel . The factors of people and speed, the condition of the road and, then you have weather conditions. We can't help but fear for their safety. 227 is the only road that connects these 2 communities unless, you drive across Georgetown to Long Lick. Then that defeats their bypass purpose for the schools and, traffic so there is only one answer being the only road, take out these 2 deadly curves make some pull offs for the farmers equipment so others can pass and, show us you care about our children and, this community's safety, as much as we do and, money should not come over the lives of about  643 people living in this community, that depend on traveling this road to Georgetown, for their education and, work. For their daily survival in this community . The Mayor of Stamping Ground really loves her community and works hard to keep her community safe and is always putting her community as her priority  as she works for better changes for her community and, is working on this road as well. So let's all help keep these kid's safer in this small family like place. By putting our voices together and, creating one so strong they can't be denied, of what they need, to keep their families safer. It would be worth it to see the accident rate go from 100% to 10%. The inspiration to make these changes come from the loss of Trevor Wade Spencer 22, Skylar Wade Spencer 3, Cory Wilcoxen 29 and, Paul Bubba Burton 23 and all the lives they touched in such a brief time of life and, I truly believe they are the angels of this change so please sign.

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