Cyclist passing rule endangers motorcyclists

Cyclist passing rule endangers motorcyclists

29 December 2016
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Road rules that require motorists to give cyclists room when they pass and allow them to cross solid white lines and painted traffic islands are endangering motorcyclists’ lives.

While the rule stipulates that they can only cross unbroken lines if it is safe to do so, it seems to embolden drivers to cross the lines even when motorcycles are approaching.

It is well documented that drivers don’t often see motorcycles or at least don’t look for them or see them as a threat.

Drivers wouldn’t cross white lines to pass a cyclist if a truck or other vehicle was approaching, but they seem willing to do so when a motorcycle is approaching.

We understand that the 1m and/or 1.5m passing gap around cyclists is designed to protect a vulnerable road user group.

However, the safety of one road user group should never be achieved at the expense or risk of other road user groups; in this case, motorcyclists and scooter riders.

The rule should be changed to prevent drivers crossing any unbroken painted lines, or at least, signs allowing motorists to pass cyclists should include a warning to look out for motorcyclists.

For more details on a particular crash leaving a woman permanently disabled, read this article:

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This petition had 2,294 supporters

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