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Petitioning Kansas State House and 2 others

Bring NO broadband bill forward until you visit our communities and learn about our inadequate broadband.

The Kansas Senate Commerce Committee allowed the Kansas Cable Telecommunications Association (KCTA) to write and submit a draconian bill that ignored communities' constitutional home rule in order to drive away competition and eliminate communities' ability to use broadband to improve our local economies, education and healthcare delivery. 

 After hundreds of Kansans rose up, spoke out and put our foot down, the Committee on Commerce removed the bill when KCTA promised to "tweak it." 

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Letter to
Kansas State House
Kansas State Senate
Kansas Governor
Chair of the Kansas Senate Committee on Commerce,

We the undersigned insist that the Committee on Commerce or any other state legislative committee bring NO broadband bill forward until you visit with us, your constituents who own the problem of inadequate broadband.

1. Come visit us in person to see how broadband can dramatically increase individuals', local businesses' and institutions' ability to grow and prosper.

2. Come visit with us to see how bad our broadband options really are.

3. Come visit with us to understand why any bill that interferes with constitutional home rule is totally unacceptable.

Our community stakeholders will work with you to schedule a time and location where you can sit down, meet with your constituents and discuss how you and our other elected legislators can help us bring better, faster broadband to our constituents.

While resolute in our demand that SB 304 be killed in its entirety, and no part return that infringes on our ability to facilitate broadband solutions we deem best, we are willing to work with our elected officials and private sector companies that can move us forward.