Tell Connecticut State's Attorney: Drop all charges against anti-apartheid protesters Daniel Fischer and Gregory Williams

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On May 12, 2015, two Jewish anti-apartheid activists, Daniel Fischer and Gregory Williams, entered a fundraiser for the Israeli military at Temple Israel synagogue in Westport, Connecticut, and attempted to read testimony of a Palestinian woman whose son was killed during Israel’s 2009 massacre in Gaza.

“We were there, first and foremost, because we are Jews,” Williams said, “and we wanted to take responsibility for the racism in our community that fuels Jewish American support for the Zionist Apartheid regime’s continued occupation of Palestinian land.”

Temple Israel staff responded by throwing both protesters to the ground and filing a false police complaint that the two were armed. Yet Daniel and Gregory were arrested and charged with breach of peace and criminal trespassing in the first degree.

The synagogue’s actions reflect longstanding attempts to silence those who stand up to Israel's ongoing campaign of terror and dispossession against the Palestinian people.

We call on State's Attorney David I. Cohen to drop all charges against Fischer and Williams.

Daniel Fischer and Gregory Williams spoke truth to power. Let their example inspire others to do the same.

The office for State's Attorney David I. Cohen has no email. To demand justice for Fischer and Williams, please call 203-965-5215.