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Give Sexual abuse victims longer time to come forth to face there abusers. Sign The Pennsylvania House Bill 2067,238,1856,1549,1185,1046


The reason the people should sign and support this petition because it can happien to your child, or it may already have happened to you. I was 14 when I got sexual abused by my foster father several times a week over a year and half period in the goverment hands. I was young and didnt know what was going on at the time. It messed me up mentally.

Now I'm 31 and did not know about the statue of limitaions that only gave victims until they were the age of 30 to come forth to take action. It took me till now the age of 31 to come forth to seek action. I think about what happien to me daily. I have a wife and 3 kids, and until this day after 10yrs me and my wife being together she still does not know about me being sexual abused.

This Bill is very important to me and thousands of other people thats been abused. We need to protect our younger generation. You shouldnt have to put a time limit on when to come fourth after being sexual abused. Mark Rozzi is fighting now to pass the bill where it gives victims in Pennsylvannia till the age of 50 to come fourth rather than the age of 30.

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