allow year 12s in NSW to graduate and have formals

allow year 12s in NSW to graduate and have formals

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(relevant to NSW Year 12 students)

our sports carnivals have been cancelled. our camps and retreats have been cancelled. our celebratory grad travel plans have been cancelled. but the HSC is going ahead, therefore our graduation events and formal MUST go ahead too!

In current health restrictions Year 12s are not able to have graduation masses, assemblies, dinners or a formal, but I don't think that should be the case. Venues and function centres should be allowed to hold Year 12 events only in a WORST case scenario. We have had enough taken from us.

sign this and share it if YOU want to graduate.

We go to school every day and mix with the same people, our chance of infection is SO low. if we are going to supposedly spread the virus at a graduation event or school formal, wouldn't it be spreading at school? 

also, where is the scientific evidence to prove that dancing will spread the virus. that is ABSURDITY. c'mon Gladys, you can't deprive us of the culmination of our schooling life without proof backing up your rules. 

I'm not accepting graduation and formal being cancelled. We aren't the US. we have less than 1k active cases in NSW. Cancel EVERYTHING else, but LET US GRADUATE AND HAVE A FORMAL WITHOUT pointless restrictions like "4m distance" and "no dancing or singing" when we go to school with each other every single day and certainly do not abide by these rules and everything is fine. even if we all have to get negative tests. I will NOT stand for a cancelled graduation.

So, are YOU with me?