Justice For Mubarak Soulemane, an individual w/ schizophrenia murdered by CT State Trooper

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On January 15, 2020, Mubarak Soulemane suffered a schizophrenic episode and had knowingly been reported missing by his brother that day. For everyone who has a loved one who struggles with schizophrenia, you know that the mind of a schizophrenic is jarring and dark which leads them to behave in peculiar ways. On this particular day, that was the case for Mubarak when he pulled a pocket knife out at a store and carjacked. It is important to note that the police were familiar with his illness and were aware that he had a pocket knife. However, instead of de-escalating the situation, providing emergency service, and giving Mubarak the care that he needed,  the State Police and the West Haven Department barricaded him in the car which is when State Trooper Brian North proceeded to take a military approach and emptied his gun out on him (7 bullets). Per the dashcam footage released, Mubarak was sitting in the driver seat of a car, seatbelt on, with a closed window and not threatening the officer, and yet he lost his life that day. I want to emphasize that my brother had a mental illness that he should have received care for and that my family had made them aware of prior to his murder. Mubarak Soulemane should still be alive today which is why we need accountability to be taken.

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We demand significant charges be pressed against State Trooper Brian North for brutally murdering Mubarak Soulemane.

We demand that all officers involved in this racist murder be held accountable. The West Haven police officers who were present during the murder of Mubarak Soulemane did nothing to prevent this senseless act of violence from occurring and are therefore complicit. The Norwalk police officers did not communicate effectively with other police officers on the scene, and their negligence contributed to escalating the situation that resulted in the murder of Mubarak Soulemane.

In addition, we demand police reform be conducted by the state emergency and the public protection department, which would include but is not limited to;
1. In-depth training on how to handle situations with civilians who suffer from mental illnesses.
2. Provide support for community efforts and organizations.
3. Require social science courses intended to confront and condemn racial biases amongst officers.