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State of Oklahoma: Allow third party candidates for President on the Oklahoma ballot

In Oklahoma this election we will only have a choice to vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. We will not even have the option of writing in another candidate. In fact, we have not had a third party candidate on the ballot in Oklahoma since 2000.

I think this is unjust, and so far two US Congressional Candidates, an Oklahoma Congressional Candidate, plus a whole lot of other folks agree with me.

Oklahoma is the second most difficult state in our union to gain ballot access in. Currently, third parties require upwards of 50,000 signatures to make it on the ballot. It was not always this took only 5000 signatures until 1974. This petition aims to put pressure upon our state leadership to change our ballot access requirements back to the 1974 standards.

Please sign this petition and then pass it along via email and social media so that it can be promoted as widely as possible.

Please help us to gain the options 87.4% of registered voters nationwide already take for granted.



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